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March 27th, 2017

If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, you may be the ideal candidate for balloon sinuplasty. Take our short quiz to find out, then call our board-certified Houston ENT at 855-813-7077 to schedule an appointment and learn more.

March 22nd, 2017

Do you have questions about breast implants and cancer? Call Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann at 855-813-7077 to schedule a consultation today On March 21st, the FDA announced its findings that breast implants are linked to anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), a rare but deadly form of cancer. This is not the first time breast implants have been linked to ALCL, but it is the first time that conclusive evidence of correlation has been shown. In the 10 years the FDA has been collecting data on a link between ALCL and breast implants, 359 cases have been reported to the agency. A majority of those were from women who had received textured implants, leading the agency to believe there is a link between implant type and ALCL. This link, however, needs further review.

359 cases in 10 years may seem like a lot, but this actually represents a very small percentage of breast augmentation patients. During that same time, nearly 3 million breast augmentation procedures were performed by board-certified plastic surgeons according to data collected by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, making instances of ALCL incredibly rare. Just how rare? ALCL develops in approximately 0.01% of women who have had breast augmentation.

In addition to being very rare, ALCL is easily treated when caught early on. Developing in the breast implant pocket, implant-related ALCL can typically be treated by simply removing the implant and capsule surrounding it. Some cases have required chemotherapy or radiation, but most have responded quite well to implant removal alone. However, early detection is important, making it a good idea to know what symptoms may indicate a problem with your breast implants.

Symptoms of ALCL may include:

  • Painless swelling around the implant
  • Swelling of lymph nodes
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fever
  • Backache
  • Loss of appetite

If you have breast implants and are experiencing any of these symptoms, please call Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann at 855-813-7077 to schedule an examination.

As with most implant-related complications, chances of developing cancer following breast augmentation are extremely rare. However, board-certified Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann strongly believes that all patients deserve to have full information about the risks and benefits of any chosen procedure. During your initial consultation at our comfortable office, Dr. Eisemann will listen to all concerns you have about breast implant complications, answer your questions openly and honestly, and help you determine if breast augmentation is the best choice for your needs.

Making the Best Decision for You

The Plastic Surgery Foundation, along with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, is continuing to study the link between breast implants and ALCL. A website with information on ongoing and already completed studies can be found here.

Researching the potential risks of breast augmentation allows you to measure its risks vs. benefits. We would encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Eisemann as well, to make sure all of your questions are answered and you are better able to make the decision that is best for your physical and emotional needs.

Breast augmentation is, by and large, a very safe procedure that has helped millions of women achieve the look they find most desirable. If you are interested in learning more about the procedure and what it can do for you, please contact the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center to schedule a consultation at our Houston office today. Dr. Eisemann welcomes breast augmentation patients from The Woodlands, Conroe, Katy, Sugar Land, and all surrounding areas.

March 17th, 2017

Are you looking for a nonsurgical treatment for chronic sinusitis? Call board-certified Houston ENT Dr. Michael Eisemann at 855-813-7077 to learn about balloon sinuplasty todayThere are more than 3 million cases of sinusitis every year, most often marked by symptoms including nasal congestion, pain and pressure behind the eyes, in the nasal cavity and throughout the face, distorted sense of smell, and fever. Acute sinusitis is often a result of colds or allergies and is easily treatable. In fact, many people with acute sinusitis will not require any medical treatment at all. This is not the case for those who suffer from chronic sinusitis, a condition that can last for months and is typically the result of infection.

To treat chronic sinusitis, weeks-long courses of antibiotics are often required. Sadly, these are not always effective, even when combined with home care such as saline rinses, humidifiers, steam treatments, and nasal drains. When sinusitis fails to respond to these treatment methods, a surgical restructuring of the nasal cavity is typically the next course of treatment. But surgical sinusitis treatment brings its own risks and complications, and is certainly not the best choice for everyone.

Triple board-certified Houston ENT surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann is pleased to offer balloon sinuplasty as an alternative treatment for chronic sinusitis. This nonsurgical treatment is very effective at opening blocked sinus passages, allowing for a saline flush to completely remove obstruction and infection. Continued flushing once daily for a few week following balloon sinuplasty will work to prevent the infection from returning, helping provide a lasting solution for your chronic sinusitis. Home care will be discussed in detail during your sinusitis treatment consultation at our Houston office.

Recovery from balloon sinuplasty is typically very short and, because the procedure requires no incisions or surgical manipulation, much less intense than that following sinus surgery. Dr. Eisemann will provide you information about what you can expect during your balloon sinuplasty recovery to help ensure your comfort, safety, and lasting relief from chronic sinusitis.

Please contact Dr. Michael Eisemann online or by calling 855-813-7077 to schedule your chronic sinusitis treatment consultation today. Located in Houston, Dr. Eisemann welcomes patients from Katy, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, and all surrounding Texas communities.

March 8th, 2017

Breast, body, and facial procedures topped the most popular in 2016. To learn what plastic surgery can do for you, call Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Eisemann at 855-813-7077 todayThe American Society of Plastic Surgeons has just released its annual report of the top five plastic surgery procedures. Breast augmentation remained number one in 2016, but saw its first increase since 2013, growing a full 4% over the previous year. Facelift returned to the top five, edging out tummy tuck surgery for that final spot, which it held in 2012, 2013, and 2014 as well.

The top five plastic surgery procedures performed in 2016 were:

  1. Breast Augmentation – up 4% from 2015
  2. Liposuction – up 6% from 2015
  3. Rhinoplasty – up 2% from 2015
  4. Blepharoplasty – up 2% from 2015
  5. Facelift – up 4% from 2015

The top five nonsurgical cosmetic procedures performed in 2016 were:

  1. BOTOX® Cosmetic – up 4% from 2015
  2. Dermal fillers – up 2% from 2015
  3. Chemical peel – up 4% from 2015
  4. Laser hair removal – down 1% from 2015
  5. Microdermabrasion – down 3% from 2015

Overall, the top five in both nonsurgical and surgical cosmetic procedures saw significant increases over the previous year. If you are considering any of these procedures, board-certified Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann welcomes an opportunity to meet with you to help you determine which will be best for producing the results you desire.

Dr. Eisemann is a triple board-certified surgeon, holding certifications through the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Experienced, skilled, and committed to the safety and satisfaction of each patient he sees, Dr. Eisemann has been chosen as a Top Doc by H Texas Magazine, is listed as a top plastic surgeon in the Texas Guide to Top Doctors, and has been selected as one of the top doctors in Bayou City and Harris County by Inside Houston Magazine. If you are looking for an award-winning plastic surgeon in the Houston area, please contact the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you reach your aesthetic goals. 

February 27th, 2017

To learn how much your breast augmentation procedure might cost, call Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann at 855-813-7077 and schedule a consultation todayBreast augmentation is an incredibly effective way to add volume, shape, and appeal to your entire upper body, but as an elective procedure, cost is a practical consideration for many patients. Because enlargement procedures performed by board-certified Houston breast surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann are entirely customized to complement the natural contours and dimensions of the patient, procedural costs can vary somewhat – making a one-on-one consultation the best way to learn what you can expect to pay for breast augmentation.

Financing Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

Elective procedures like breast augmentation are not covered by insurance, but we offer a range of financing options at our Houston plastic surgery office. In addition to cash and most major credit cards, Dr. Eisemann accepts breast augmentation financing from:

  • Alphaeon™ Credit
  • Prosper® Healthcare Lending
  • CareCredit®

These plastic surgery financing services provide a range of payback options and variable rates – including some 0% APR plans – that can work within nearly any budget to make breast augmentation a reality. If the cost of breast augmentation has been a deterrent to your calling our plastic surgeon and scheduling a consultation, we encourage you to contact us now to schedule your consultation and learn more about your financing options.

Dr. Michael Eisemann is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving Katy, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Conroe, and all surrounding areas of Texas. With over 30 years of experience, he knows how to customize each breast augmentation procedure to produce the most natural-looking and complementary results, and is fully dedicated to the satisfaction of every patient he sees. If you are considering breast augmentation in the Houston area, please call the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center at 855-813-7077 and schedule your consultation today. 

February 21st, 2017

Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann is dedicated to continuing education. To learn how he can help you reach your goals, call (855) 813-7077 todayBoard-certified Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann recently attended the 51st Baker Gordon Educational Symposium on Cosmetic Surgery. This symposium featured innovators in the field of plastic surgery and followed the theme of examining “an array of sophisticated solutions that recent innovations provide for improved aesthetic control and consistency, focusing on concepts and techniques which are changing the way in which aesthetic surgery is delivered for our patients.”*

Dedicated to providing our Texas plastic surgery patients with the safest, most effective, and most advanced techniques available, Dr. Eisemann regularly participates in continuing education events like this symposium. These efforts help protect the safety and comfort of our patients while also helping ensure pleasing and highly personalized results. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon who holds your comfort and satisfaction as top priories, please call our Houston office at 855-813-7077 to schedule a consultation today.

This year’s symposium examined and elaborated on new techniques and standards in a variety of plastic surgery procedures including:

Some of the training provided over the course of this weekend also focused on mommy makeover procedures, specifically vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty, examining the rise in popularity of these procedures and the evolving role of plastic surgeons in producing exceptional results for women in all stages of motherhood.

Dr. Eisemann is proud to offer a range of breast, body, and facial plastic surgery procedures that can be used alone or in customized combinations to produce idealized results for our patients. If you are in any way dissatisfied with your appearance, our plastic surgeon welcomes an opportunity to meet with you at our Houston office to discuss your desires, assess your areas of concern, and begin customizing a treatment plan that addresses all of your needs.

To schedule your consultation, please contact Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today. We serve Katy, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, King, Conroe, and all surrounding communities from our office in Houston.

*From http://www.bakergordonsymposium.com/

February 13th, 2017

What is balloon sinuplasty? Click through this short SlideShare presentation to find out.

If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, board-certified Houston ENT, Dr. Michael Eisemann, can help. Please contact us online or call 855-813-7077 to schedule a consultation today.


February 9th, 2017

Liposuction can be used to remove belly fat along with fat from nearly any other area of the body. Call Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann at (855) 813-7077 to learn moreBelly fat is among the most tenacious and difficult to remove fat on the body. Diet and exercise may reduce the bulk somewhat, but these methods alone often fail to produce fully desirable results. If you have belly fat that seems resistant to traditional methods of removal, Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann can help. Give us a call at (855) 813-7077 to schedule your initial consultation and learn more.

Liposuction can be used to remove fat from any area of the body. For belly fat, liposuction is highly effective, and the advanced techniques utilized by our Houston plastic surgeon allow for optimal toning of this highly visible area of the body. However, if excess skin is present in addition to belly fat, liposuction may not be the most effective option. During your initial consultation Dr. Eisemann will assess your entire midsection and recommend the body contouring procedure most suitable for your specific needs.

Excess Skin and Belly Fat

When both excess skin and belly fat are present, tummy tuck surgery is typically the better bet. With abdominoplasty, Dr. Eisemann can eliminate excess skin, remove stubborn belly fat, and even slim the hips and waist. Tummy tuck surgery also allows for a tightening of abdominal muscles – reducing risks of hernia and severe lower back pain that can accompany a separated and weak core.

Belly fat responds well to liposuction and tummy tuck surgery, both of which offer permanent results. During your initial visit to our Houston plastic surgery office we can talk more about this and other benefits offered by body contouring to help you decide on the best procedure for your needs.

Please use our online contact form to get in touch with our office and schedule your initial consultation today. Our board-certified plastic surgeon serves Houston, The Woodlands, Katy, Sugar Land, and all surrounding areas. 

February 3rd, 2017

To learn if surgical or nonsurgical facial rejuvenation is your best option, call Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann at (855) 813-7077 todayWhen signs of aging begin to detract from your feelings of self-confidence or produce a look that is unappealing to you, there are a number of options available to rejuvenate your appearance. Choosing which is right for your specific needs is something best done with the assistance of board-certified Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann. Please call us today at (855) 813-7077 to speak with a patient coordinator, schedule your consultation, and learn more about your options.

Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Eisemann offers a range of surgical facial rejuvenation procedures including:

  • Facelift to address skin laxity in the lower face and neck, contour the jaw line, and restore a tighter and more youthful appearance
  • Eyelid surgery to remove dark circles and puffy skin from below the eyes, lift sagging eyelids, and smooth crow’s feet
  • Brow lift to smooth furrows and creases across the forehead and in between the eyes, and to lift sagging eyebrows

These procedures can be used alone or in combination to produce your ideal look. During your initial consultation at our Houston plastic surgery office, those options best for your needs will be discussed in detail.

Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation

If surgical facial rejuvenation is not right for you, many nonsurgical options can be used to produce a softer, fuller, and more youthful appearance. Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation options offered by Dr. Eisemann include:

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic to address furrows in between the eye brows, crow’s feet, and wrinkles around the lips
  • Dermal fillers such as Restylane® and Juvéderm® to fill hollowed and sunken cheeks, smooth deep wrinkles, and augment the lips

Dermal fillers are sometimes used in combination for a “liquid facelift,” which can address many of the same signs of aging as its surgical namesake. However, while less invasive, dermal fillers cannot remove fat deposits or lift sagging jowls, and must be administered at regular intervals – around 12 to 18 months – for continued results. Dr. Eisemann will discuss both the benefits and limitations of facial fillers during your visit to our Houston office to help ensure you are making the best decision for your needs.

To schedule your initial consultation, please contact the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today. Located in Houston, we serve patients living in The Woodlands, Katy, Sugar Land, and all surrounding areas.

January 25th, 2017

Recovery time for balloon sinuplasty is around 48 hours. To learn more, call board-certified Houston ENT surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann at (855) 813-7077 todayBalloon sinuplasty is a treatment for chronic sinusitis that does not involve incisions or other surgical steps, making it less invasive than traditional sinus infection surgery. However, even though balloon sinuplasty is less invasive than some other forms of chronic sinus infection treatment, there is still some recovery involved with the procedure. During your balloon sinus surgery consultation with board-certified Houston ENT Dr. Michael Eisemann, a recovery timeline based on your specific anatomy can be established.

Full recovery from balloon sinuplasty typically takes around 48 hours. Some bruising and swelling may be present during this time, but should subside on its own. Work and other activities can be resumed within one to two days, but sinus drainage may still be present and should be accounted for when making plans. Discomfort during balloon sinuplasty recovery is typically minor and easily dealt with through over-the-counter pain medications.

Once recovery from your balloon sinuplasty is complete, your sinuses should be completely clear, allowing for greater ease of breathing. Results from balloon sinus surgery can be permanent, though this will be dependent on many factors unique to your anatomy. Our triple board-certified Houston ear, nose, and throat doctor will discuss this in greater detail during your initial chronic sinus infection treatment consultation.

If you are interested in learning more about balloon sinus surgery in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, or surrounding areas of Texas, please contact Dr. Michael Eisemann online or by calling (855) 813-7077 today.