Breast Lift

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Breast sagging is an issue we confront often at The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center. Many women feel that significant breast sagging makes them look aged and fatigued. And many women just don't feel as beautiful or sexy as a result of breast sagging.

Fortunately, Dr. Eisemann can help. Through the use of the breast lift procedure he can raise sagging breasts, restoring the sense of lift, vitality and youth that they possessed before you noticed the sagging.

With this commonly performed breast surgery, Dr. Eisemann can address your concerns and eliminate them entirely.

If you live in the Houston, Texas area and you want to learn more about the potential of the breast lift, please call The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today at (855) 813-7077 or contact us online for a consultation.

What is The Breast Lift Procedure?

The breast augmentation is by far the most well-known breast procedure we offer, but augmentation is designed primarily to enlarge your breast - it won't address significant sagging issues.

By contrast, the breast lift is designed exclusively to eliminate significant and severe sagging concerns. It might be an option if you're satisfied with the size of your breasts but simply want to achieve a higher, more lifted appearance.

The procedure itself is relatively simple. Using one of four possible incision points (a decision made based on your specific needs), Dr. Eisemann will remove excess skin, re-shape underlying tissue and lift the entire breast apparatus.

If necessary, we can also lift and re-position the nipple and areola. The end result of this procedure is higher, more defined and shapely breasts you'll love.

Combining Procedures

In some circumstances it might be appropriate to combine a breast lift with an augmentation. If you're concerned with both the size of your breasts and apparent sagging, a combined lift+ augmentation can achieve several goals at the same time.

Dr. Eisemann can lift and re-shape the underlying breast tissue, then place breast implants, simultaneously lifting and enlarging your breasts.

Of course, these decisions will only be made after a thorough conversation with you about your goals and desires. We are committed to ensuring that you walk away pleased with the time you spent with us.

If you're a Houston, Texas resident and you're concerned about breast sagging, a breast lift might be the best option for you. Please call our tipple board-certified Houston plastic surgeon at (855) 813-7077 or contact us online for a consultation.