Steps to a New You

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When getting plastic surgery done, especially for the first time, it is important to follow a certain path to insure that your procedure goes smoothly. We have put together this simple yet concise list of steps for you to follow.

Step 1 – The Consultation

Scheduling an initial consultation at the Eisemann Cosmetic Day Surgery Center is the first step in having any plastic surgery procedure. This meeting allows for the development of a relationship between the patient and Dr. Eisemann, which is vital for the success of a surgical procedure. During this time the doctor is available to discuss each person's needs and the techniques available to achieve optimal results. The patient develops an understanding of the expected outcome of cosmetic surgery - which is different for each individual - and the physician has an opportunity to determine if the patient has realistic goals and is appropriately motivated for surgery. Video imaging is helpful to allow the patient to view on a split screen a simulated, electronically generated postoperative result, and compare this to the preoperative image.

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Step 2 – Financing

Unfortunately, economics often dictate what procedure a patient can or cannot have performed. We have a long-standing relationship with Cosmetic Fee Plan, which can get you financed for virtually any procedure. You can even fill out your application on-line, and one of their agents will contact you with an answer within 24 hours Don't let economic worries dictate what you can or cannot accomplish, we can help you!

Step 3 – Scheduling Your Surgery

After the initial consultation, scheduling your surgery can be arranged. Each patient receives information and instructions related to the surgery for which they are scheduled. The staff is then available to answer any additional questions and to assist in making necessary arrangements. It is important to note that many procedures will require time to rest and recover, therefore scheduling your surgery during vacation time or a long holiday weekend is often something to take into consideration.

Step 4 – Follow-up Visits

Dr. Eisemann strives to provide the most personal care available and having a follow-up visit is not just recommended, it is required. Dr. Eisemann will examine the procedure's results just to make sure you are comfortable, safe and happy.

Step 5 – Enjoy the new you

The ultimate goal of any plastic surgery procedure is to make you feel better about yourself. So go out there and enjoy the new you, go to the beach, take a vacation or just show off to your friends. Either way, the new and improved you is dying to be seen, so go out there and do it and enjoy life to its fullest!