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Triple board-certified Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bradley Eisemann are pleased to offer jawbone contouring suitable for both aesthetic and medical purposes. Chin deformities can be indicative of underlying problems with breathing and may be a component of obstructive sleep apnea. Aesthetically, they can cause an unharmonious, weak, or less-than-ideal appearance.

Custom chin reduction surgery in Houston

Aesthetically, chin size and shape can either enhance or detract from the overall facial appearance.  Dr. Michael Eisemann and Dr. Bradley Eisemann will customize a surgical procedure to meet your specific needs and produce attractive, natural-looking results. This is done by advancing or recessing the chin bone, or by moving it from side to side in cases of chin asymmetry. These bone alterations are usually completed with incisions inside the mouth. Alternatively, a silicone chin implant alone may suffice for small advancement of the chin. The implant is inserted through a small incision in the submental crease. 

Chin surgery in Houston: Balancing your facial contours

Dr. Michael Eisemann and Dr. Bradley Eisemann offer advanced techniques to adjust the size and shape of the lower jaw (the mandible). Remodeling the jawbone is always performed as a custom surgery to help improve the appearance and balance of a patient’s face.

Additional treatments

Chin surgery or jaw contouring is often a part of a more comprehensive facial surgery makeover. Mandible surgery can be combined with other options such as rhinoplasty, neck lift, or neck liposuction for a more profound level of facial improvement.

Houston Chin Augmentation

Why choose Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston?

Dr. Michael Eisemann is triple board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. He is fellowship-trained from the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada.  As a result of his vast training and experience, he is uniquely qualified in craniofacial plastic surgery. He has been in practice for over 30 years, during which time he has garnered a reputation as one of Houston’s most accomplished and talented plastic surgeons.

Dr. Bradley Eisemann is in a group of the most extensively trained plastic surgeons, is board-certified in plastic surgery, and was fellowship-trained in craniofacial surgery at New York University. Both Dr. Michael Eisemann and Dr. Bradley Eisemann are concerned with the safety, care, comfort, and long-lasting outcomes for their patients. Our hand-picked professional staff is warm, welcoming, and extremely accessible, helping our patients every step of the way, from the first call throughout all the follow-up care for any surgery.

Chin Augmentation Before & After

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Am I a candidate for chin or jawbone contouring surgery?

If you have any of the following aesthetic issues, you may be a good candidate for jawbone contouring:

  • You want to achieve a more feminine, sculpted jawline
  • Your jaw appears square, rather than V-shaped
  • You desire a stronger jawline
  • Your jawline appears too prominent from the side
  • Your chin is too prominent or retrusive

What is the recovery after jaw contouring?

Anytime the jawbone has been altered, there’s a period of discomfort and healing that is required. You will be prescribed pain medication to keep you comfortable during the early stages of healing. Swelling and discomfort should be nearly complete two weeks after surgery. Full strength and activity can be resumed around four to six weeks after surgery. You must not smoke, and will be restricted in regards to diet, depending on what surgical procedures have been completed.  

Sleeping with your head elevated and avoiding any activity that may put stress or pressure on your facial area will help to speed up the healing process. You will be provided with full aftercare instructions, and we will be seeing you several times for follow-up appointments. We are also always available to answer any questions or concerns.

Jaw Bone Contouring

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