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The facelift is the gold standard for taking years off your appearance. However, the mini facelift is perfect for patients who want to rejuvenate their facial appearance with a minimally-invasive technique. If you have mild skin laxity and are showing the initial signs of aging, the mini facelift could be the best procedure for you.

What is a mini facelift?

A mini-facelift is a modified version of the traditional method that uses a shorter incision around your hairline to help lift the lower half of your face. The mini-facelift reduces and corrects sagging skin in the following facial areas:

  • The cheeks
  • Along the jawline
  • Throughout the neck

As an anti-aging surgery, a mini-facelift tightens your skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. A blepharoplasty or brow lift may be paired with a mini facelift to help maximize your results, as facelifts only target the lower half of your face.

Once you’re under anesthesia, your surgeon will make small incisions around your ears and hairline. They will lift the underlying tissues in your skin and pull them up through the cheeks while removing excess tissue. When the surgery is complete, the incisions are closed with sutures.

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How is a mini facelift different from a complete facelift?

While the two lifting procedures are similar, there are some significant differences between a full and a mini facelift. The primary difference is that a mini facelift focuses on the neck and bottom third of the face; a full lift focuses on the bottom two-thirds of the face and neck.

Another difference is that because a mini facelift is less invasive, the smaller incisions can be especially helpful for patients prone to irregular scarring. This is also one of the most significant mini facelift benefits.

Some other examples of how a mini facelift is different from a complete facelift include the following:

  • With a mini facelift, the incision is smaller, so the recovery process is shorter
  • The results of a full lift are considered less durable than a mini
  • Most people have a mini lift between 30 and 40, while others wait until 60 or 70 for a total lift
  • Recovery from a full facelift lasts one month, but just two weeks after your mini lift, you can return to work or school
  • The procedure commonly uses a local anesthetic, which benefits anyone sensitive to general anesthetics and improves recovery time

Mini facelift recovery and results

After your mini facelift, you’ll be sent home with dressings covering your stitches. These stitches will likely be removed after ten days.

When planning your recovery, keep the following in mind:

  • You may not drive within the first 24 hours of your procedure
  • You must also avoid driving within 24 hours of taking prescribed pain medication that may cause drowsiness
  • If you have children or pets, you will need a caregiver for the first 24 hours post-op
  • You must avoid certain activities, such as high-intensity exercise, until your doctor has cleared you
  • You may experience minor bruising and swelling after your stitches are removed

Why choose The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center for a mini facelift in Houston?

Triple board-certified Houston facelift surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann and his son, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Bradley Eisemann, perform both full and mini-facelifts. Each procedure is customized to meet the exact needs of the individual.

Dr. Michael Eisemann has achieved a nearly peerless reputation for aesthetic excellence. His thorough training, artistry, and compassion allow Dr. Eisemann to exceed your expectations for success.

Dr. Bradley Eisemann is a board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon with impressive experience and precision. He has performed complex aesthetic procedures under the direction of some of the world’s most highly-regarded pioneers. Dr. Eisemann is focused on delivering outstanding patient-centered care so that all who cross his path live their best lives and love how they look.

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