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Correction of Prominent Ears, and Ear Deformities

The normal ear is a complicated structure made up of skin, muscle, fibrofatty tissue, and cartilage. While there is a large range in what is considered a normal ear, most people are able to tell when an ear seems abnormal.

The most common anatomical findings that make an ear look different are that the ear projects out from the head too much or that the intricate folds of the ear are not well defined.

Why Choose Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center for Infant Otoplasty?

Each patient and each ear is unique and should be addressed individually. There are many surgical techniques to improve ear shape that involve adding, removing, or re-shaping the cartilage of the ear. It is important to be evaluated by a trained surgeon to discuss the surgical options, the most appropriate age for surgery, and the best plan to achieve the desired results.

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