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Newborn babies can be born with ears that have differences in shape and form that can range from modest to profound.

One group of ear differences is the malformations. In these situations, a portion of the ear is missing. Surgical correction is often required when these children are older.

A second group of ear differences is the deformities. In these situations, all components of the ear are present, but they may be positioned or shaped in an abnormal manner. For ear deformities, extensive research has shown that many of these differences will resolve over time, while others will not correct themselves.

In the first few months of life, infants have significant amounts of maternal estrogen that allow for molding of cartilage. In this manner, the ear can be reshaped without surgery.

Depending on the specific anatomical difference in a child’s ear, various techniques can be used to reshape the ear using molds, tapes, and glues.

To achieve optimal results, it is critical for treatment to begin as early as possible. Many patients begin treatment in the first and second weeks of life.

Please call our office to schedule an appointment to be evaluated and to potentially begin treatment.

Ear Molding

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