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Heavy earrings and gauges can take a toll on the earlobes, while a snagged earring in clothes or other trauma can tear the earlobe completely. Earlobe repair in Houston at Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center is a simple surgery to address earlobe damage or cosmetic concerns.

What happens during the earlobe repair procedure?

Torn earlobe surgery is usually performed using a local anesthetic. There are a number of different techniques that can be performed to redistribute tissue, close a wound or reshape the earlobe to match the natural shape of the ear.

When the earlobe has been entirely split and is now in two sections, surgical correction requires bringing the two pieces together without a noticeable gap or notch at the new end of the ear lobe. The inside surfaces of each side of the injury are precisely trimmed, then inset and stitched together.

To repair holes, skin is removed from around the hole, and the hole is stitched closed. Small skin flaps are sometimes also used to redesign the earlobe. Specific suturing techniques are done to minimize scarring.

The proper shaping of the earlobe is essential, and you can be confident that we will perform this surgery with artistry and care.

What can earlobe repair do? 

Earlobe repair is designed to address the following issues:

  • Torn or split earlobes from a snagged earring, a dog bite, or trauma. 
  • Stretched earlobes and remaining unwanted larger holes from ear gauges.
  • Floppy, dangling, or drooping earlobes due to age.
  • Detached lobes you would like attached, or attached lobes you would like detached. 
  • Prominent or elongated lobes you would like to have made smaller or shortened. 
  • Elongated or stretched piercings.
  • Earlobe restoration to remove piercing of any kind.
  • For each of these concerns, the earlobe can be made proportionate, attractive, and smooth again. 
Earlobe Repair in Houston

Recovery time

You may return to work immediately following your earlobe procedure. You will experience mild pain for a couple of days. We will supply antibiotic ointment for you to keep applied to the ear, and you will need to be sure to keep the sutured area clean.

In 2-6 months after the repair, depending on which type of earlobe restoration you received, you may pierce your ears again if you would like to. Re-piercing of the earlobe is usually done in a slightly different location than any original piercings to avoid scar tissue.

    Cost of Earlobe Repair

    The cost of earlobe repair in Houston depends on whether one or both ears are going to be treated and what the procedure entails. The cost usually ranges from $450-$900.

    Why choose Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center?

    With over 30 years of combined experience, you can be confident that your doctor at Eisemann Plastic Surgery is a master in the art of plastic surgery. Dr. Michael Eisemann is triple board-certified and employs the most advanced techniques for procedures. He is an authority in the field of plastic surgery and is known for his long experience and expertise.

    Dr. Bradley Eisemann is a board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon whose outstanding surgical outcomes and dedication to superior patient care make him a trusted surgeon for cosmetic procedures.

    Cosmetic Surgery Houston

    Earlobe Repair FAQ

    Where will the stitches be?

    The stitches will close the incision points, which are made to be as invisible as possible within the natural folds of the ears. The stitches will be removed in a week to ten days.

    Will there be scarring?

    Our conservative techniques minimize scarring. Incisions are typically made within the natural folds of the ears. Dr. Eisemann will select the appropriate sutures and make sure they are removed in a timely manner that promotes rapid healing. You can help to minimize your scars by wearing sunscreen on the ears and by using medical-grade scar creams we recommend.

    When can I pierce my ears again after earlobe repair surgery?

    Depending on which type of earlobe repair you had, within 2-6 months you will be able to pierce your ears.

    What is the cost of earlobe repair surgery?

    The cost ranges from $450-$900.

    How does aging affect the earlobes?

    Aging can lead to a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. These proteins give youthful skin its resilience and refreshed glow. With maturity, the earlobes can experience sagging and wrinkling, just as other areas of the body.

    How long is the recovery period after earlobe repair surgery?

    You may return to work immediately following your earlobe procedure and will experience mild pain for a few days.

    Will insurance cover earlobe repair?

    Because earlobe repair is considered a cosmetic procedure (it has no medical purpose), insurance typically does not cover expenses. We can help you to apply for financing, however, from a variety of trusted healthcare lenders with reasonable repayment plans.

    Earlobe Repair

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