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Patients who wear earrings and gauges are at risk for lobule (earlobe) tears and undesired stretching. These problems can be the result of trauma, infection, or chronic weight and stretch. The aesthetic result of the lobule deformity can be incredibly displeasing – but can be surgically corrected.

What is earlobe repair?

Earlobe repair in Houston is a minor procedure completed under local anesthesia. The correction of an aesthetic issue with your earlobes can be easily combined with other surgical procedures.

The treatment is customized to resolve any problem you have with your earlobes, including:

  • Stretched earlobes
  • Ripped earlobes
  • Large stretched earlobes due to gauge earrings
  • Split earlobes
  • Elongated piercings
  • Earlobes damaged by trauma

What is the surgery?

The surgery to repair the appearance of damaged earlobes involves surgically removing damaged skin and earlobe tissue and reconstructing the earlobe to appear rounded and entirely natural. After a few weeks of healing, you can re-pierce your ears if desired. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis in our private, luxury clinic in Houston. Your earlobe repair will be performed by a surgeon who is known for achieving superior results in plastic surgery, Dr. Michael Eisemann or Dr. Bradley Eisemann, both of whom are fellowship-trained in craniofacial surgery. While the goal of the procedure is relatively straightforward, achieving a natural, well-healed reconstruction requires the care of a surgeon with expertise. Even the most straightforward earlobe reconstruction requires meticulous care to maximize outcomes. 

Earlobe Repair in Houston

How long does it take to recover from earlobe repair?

After your earlobe (or lobes) is repaired, you will need a week to ten days before the stitches are removed. The repair causes little pain or discomfort, and you should not need any prescription medications to help you through the healing process. If you experience any discomfort, over-the-counter pain medication should be all that is necessary.

How do you repair a split earlobe?

When the earlobe has been entirely split and is now in two sections, surgical correction requires bringing the two pieces together without a noticeable gap or notch at the new end of the ear lobe. The inside surfaces of each side of the injury is precisely trimmed and then inset and stitched together.

The proper shaping of the earlobe is essential, and you can be confident in the skills of our team of plastic surgeons. They perform this surgery with artistry and care. Your earlobes are very flexible, composed of skin and fat. A split earlobe can occur due to an earring being pulled by a child, being caught in clothing, or trauma.

How do you repair the damage from gauged earrings?

If you wore gauged earrings and have changed your aesthetics, your stretched piercings can be surgically repaired, leaving a natural-looking, rounded earlobe. A portion of the stretched earlobe skin is removed and the remaining tissue is used to reshape the ear lobe. The goal is always to achieve an earlobe with normal size and shape. While there is no such thing as an invisible scar, the goal is for the scar not to distract from the rest of your face.

Cosmetic Surgery Houston

How do you repair elongated ear piercings?

If you have worn heavy earrings, you may be unhappy to see your piercing holes now appearing as an elongated slit. The problem can be resolved with a minor surgery performed on an outpatient basis. The two sides of the elongated opening will have a layer of skin removed and the two pieces sutured together. A few weeks after healing, you can re-pierce your ears, if desired.

Earlobe Repair FAQ

Will I have scars after earlobe repair surgery?

Any incision created externally will form a scar, but Dr. Eisemann’s conservative techniques minimize scarring. Incisions are typically made within the natural folds of the ears. Dr. Eisemann will select the appropriate sutures and make sure they are removed in a timely manner that promotes rapid healing. You can help to minimize your scars by wearing sunscreen on the ears and by using medical-grade scar creams recommended by the doctor.

How does aging affect the earlobes?

Aging can lead to a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. These proteins give youthful skin its resilience and refreshed glow. With maturity, the earlobes can experience sagging and wrinkling, just as other areas of the body.

What is recovery like?

Your recovery period will depend on the extent of the work performed. Some clients who had minimal work done will be able to return to work the next day, while others will need to rest and recuperate longer. Dr. Eisemann will provide detailed information on caring for your incisions after surgery. You should take care to avoid excessive exposure to the sun and refrain from pulling, scratching or poking at your earlobes. We will schedule you for follow up visits to ensure your recovery remains on track.

Will insurance cover earlobe repair?

Because earlobe repair is considered a cosmetic procedure (it has no medical purpose), insurance typically does not cover expenses. We can help you to apply for financing, however, from a variety of trusted healthcare lenders with reasonable repayment plans.

Earlobe Repair

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