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Ethnic rhinoplasty recognizes special anatomic differences in the Asian, African-American, Hispanic and Caucasian nose. Each is treated differently to create a straight and narrow nose with good aesthetic lines and good tip projection. Ethinc identity is still preserved.

What can be accomplished
with ethnic rhinoplasty? 

  • Soft week cartilages are augmented with cartilage grafts from the ear, rib or septum to provide structure and a lasting result.
  • Thick oily sebaceous skin can be treated medically before and after surgery
  • Wide flaring nostrils can be narrowed
  • A flat nasal bridge can be heightened by diced ear cartilage grafts or onlay septal or rid grafts

Dr. Michael Eisemann and Dr. Bradley Eisemann specialize in ethnic rhinoplasty in Houston, having performed over 6,000 rhinoplasty procedures over a career spanning three decades. Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center is a nationally-renowned surgical center accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. (AAAASF). Please schedule a consultation with our surgeons to discuss your ethnic rhinoplasty options.

Benefits of Ethnic Rhinoplasty

  • Preserves your individuality and ethnic identity
  • Ensures optimal facial harmony
  • Addresses all structural concerns
  • Highly personalized treatment
  • No visible scars or signs of cosmetic work

Am I a Candidate for an Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

You’re very likely a suitable candidate for an ethnic rhinoplasty in Houston if you:

  • Have a fully mature nose
  • Are in generally good physical health
  • Have realistic expectations from the procedure
  • Are currently unhappy with the appearance of your nose
  • Have breathing difficulties because of nasal structural problems
  • Have disproportional nostrils or asymmetry issues
  • Want to preserve the markers of your ethnicity
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Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgical Techniques

Ethnic rhinoplasty is performed using the same surgical techniques as the traditional rhinoplasty—open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty.

Open Rhinoplasty: The incision is placed at the base of the nostrils on the outside of your nose. This allows the surgeon to pull back the upper flap of your nose to make structural changes to your cartilage and bones.

Closed Rhinoplasty: All incisions are made within the nostrils, completely hidden from plain view. However, the amount of work possible with this technique is slightly limited.

Dr. Eisemann excels in both the “open” and “closed” techniques. Regardless of the location of the incisions, he places incredibly fine incisions that are virtually imperceptible even when they’re outside the nose. Over time, as the tiny incision mark heals, there will be no remaining sign of cosmetic work. Your surgeon will determine the ideal surgical technique for your specific needs.

Types of Ethnic Rhinoplasty

African-American rhinoplasty

Considering that there is a huge amount of variation in the nasal structures of different people, African-American rhinoplasty requires a great deal of attention to detail. Some African American individuals may have wider and flatter nostrils, while others can have large dorsal humps and low-hanging nasal tips. As with any rhinoplasty procedure, the goal is to bring the nose into harmony with the other aspects of the face without deviating from the patient’s unique cultural beauty standards. 

Middle Eastern rhinoplasty

This procedure is tailored to address the noses of patients who are of Middle Eastern (Arab, Iranian, Turkish) and South Asian (Indian and Pakistani) descent. Nose surgery has the ability to improve the contours of the nasal bridge, decrease the size of a large hump, redefine a droopy nasal tip, and instill more balance and symmetry between the nostrils. Most importantly, it can do all of this while still preserving the patient’s cultural identity and natural beauty. 

Asian rhinoplasty

Asian noses are often characterized by very thick skin, a sloped dorsum, and a slightly round or bulbous tip. These traits can sometimes make the nose appear wide and flat. In some cases, the doctor may choose to utilize ear or rib cartilage to redefine the nasal shape or dermal fillers to create a more aesthetically-pleasing nasal structure. As with every other iteration of this procedure, the patient’s unique beauty and cultural identity will be preserved in the final results. 

Hispanic rhinoplasty

Mexican, Castilian, Latino, or Mestizo rhinoplasty all fall under the umbrella of Hispanic rhinoplasty. The average Hispanic nose may feature a bulbous tip and wider-looking nostrils, or there may be a bump on the nose bridge that causes feelings of self-consciousness in the patient. Hispanic rhinoplasty is able to change the contours of the nose in an aesthetically pleasing way that both reduces cosmetic issues and preserves the patient’s ethnic heritage. Patients walk away with higher self-confidence and improved quality of life.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty with the Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Approach

Traditional rhinoplasties are performed using rasps and chisels to contour and adjust the nasal bone and cartilage. However, Dr. Eisemann uses the innovative and cutting-edge Piezoelectric Ultrasonic technique to make the adjustments with ultimate precision and minimal side effects.

The Piezoelectric Ultrasound technique involves generating vibrations with high-speed sound waves to chisel and adjust the nasal bones and cartilage. This procedure is incredibly precise because it only adjusts the targeted bones without damaging the surrounding soft tissues. As such, you can be sure of superior cosmetic results with minimal post-surgical bleeding, bruising, and other side effects after your ethnic rhinoplasty in Houston.

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Digital visualization: See the results

At the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center, we perform computer-guided simulations of your face and nose to provide a morpher representation of how you will likely appear after the procedure. This allows you to visualize the results before the procedure is actually performed. You will participate in this process which will demonstrate to us your personal aesthetic preferences and ideal of beauty. The morphed image, while not a blueprint of the final result, is intended as a teaching and communication aid.

Additionally, Dr. Eisemann will show you a photo album or numerous preoperative and postoperative patients results, not necessarily to show you the best results following the surgery, but the limitations of the procedure such as for those with thick oily sebaceous skin.

Recovery from ethnic rhinoplasty

Depending on the patient’s ethnicity, the recovery period following rhinoplasty can be a bit longer than what is reported by typical rhinoplasty surgeons. People of certain ethnicities may have thicker nasal tissue, which can cause a longer period of swelling in non-caucasian individuals. This will ultimately prolong the rhinoplasty recovery time. 

People of various ethnic backgrounds typically feel comfortable resuming public outings about 10-14 days after undergoing an ethnic rhinoplasty in Houston. As with any surgical procedure, patients can ensure a speedy recovery by closely following their doctor’s instructions. Typical instructions for recovery from ethnic rhinoplasty include:

  • Apply ice to the treated area
  • Wear the nasal splint
  • Keep the head elevated while asleep.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Try to breathe only through the mouth for the first few days.
  • It is recommended that patients focus primarily on rest during the first week following the procedure. Patients should inform their employers about their treatment and get some time off of work. 

Why Choose Dr. Michael Eisemann?

Dr. Michael Eisemann is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience, having performed over 6,000 rhinoplasties in Houston. He’s an incredibly talented and reputable cosmetic surgeon who believes your treatments should adhere to your unique expectations. He discusses your cosmetic goals and concerns to curate a personalized treatment plan and walks you through the entire process to ensure optimal results. Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Eisemann to discuss your ethnic rhinoplasty options.

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