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Successful masculinization of transgender men requires both skill and complete dedication to patient satisfaction. Triple board-certified Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann is honored to offer female to male transgender plastic surgery to people living in Texas and throughout the world.

Combining his experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery with his passion for helping people give external shape to their true internal form, Dr. Michael Eisemann and Dr. Bradley Eisemann takes great pride in helping transgender men reach all of their aesthetic goals.

Female to Male Procedures

Masculinization of the female body requires attention be paid to the chest and abdominal area. To remove breast tissue and produce a masculine physique, Dr. Michael Eisemann and Dr. Bradley Eisemann performs Subcutaneous Mastectomy Breast Reduction. This procedure may also include a nipple graft and the insertion of pectoral implants for a more defined and manly appearance.

In addition to pectoral implants and breast reduction, masculinizing surgery may include sculpting of the abdominal area, hips, waist, and back, along with calf implants and other body contouring techniques to produce masculine definition.

Facial masculinization may require things such as rhinoplasty, cheek implants, and chin implants to produce a sharper and manlier profile. What will be required in your particular case is best determined during your masculinizing surgery consultation with Dr. Michael Eisemann and Dr. Bradley Eisemann.

If you are a transgender man who is interested in learning more about female to male plastic surgery, please contact the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center or call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Eisemann or Dr. Bradley Eisemann. We help patients in Houston, the surrounding communities of Texas and throughout the world.

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Why Choose Us? 

To learn if you are a good candidate please contact our experienced Houston plastic surgeons, Dr. Michael Eisemann and Dr. Bradley Eisemann, at our accredited surgical center in Houston, Texas. Dr. Michael Eisemann and Dr. Bradley Eisemann adhere to the standards of care determined by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. Our philosophy on transgender surgery and patients includes providing an environment that is both physically and emotionally safe where transgender men and women are welcome, appreciated, and cared for.

We would be happy to discuss your needs and our philosophy in greater detail during your masculinizing plastic surgery consultation.

Masculinizing Surgery

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